Nov 7, 2017

Bonito Boni-Whip Active Antenna

The Radio Hobbyist has just ordered one of these compact antennas. Stay tuned for an unboxing video and then a follow up review of this interesting antenna.

The Bonito Boni-Whip© active antenna receives from 20 kHz to 300 MHz with impressive performance ... despite its modest size. It is great for portable operation, mobile and maritime installations as well for outdoor base use with restricted covenants. Power is fed to the Boni-Whip via the coaxial feed line.

This antenna operates from 12 to 14 VDC 45 mA. The user must supply the DC power source. Additionally, the user must supply the BNC male to BNC male cable between the power-feed unit and the Boni-Whip antenna element.

  • Wide frequency range 20 kHz - 300 MHz
  • Small dimensions
  • Ideal for traveling, at home or DX-Camps
The BONI-WHIP active antenna replaces the very successful Mini-Whip antenna. Despite its size from only approx. 17 cm, it renders excellent reception results on longwave, mediumwave and shortwave and additionally the VHF area up to 300 MHz. We developed this antenna ourselves and it is built here in Germany, so it really is “Made in Germany” by Bonito. The antenna offers a lot of improvements and better reception values than the old Mini-Whip. In our newsroom you can see a benchmark test between the Boni-Whip vs. the Mini.Whip:
Even on very low frequencies the Boni-Whip produces very good reception results. It can be used beginning with 20 kHz and is a good choice for listeners who are interested in low frequencies.
We also thought about radio listeners who are interested in high frequencies and extended the range to 300 MHz. Even with only a little effort you can achieve fantastic reception results; and because of its small size, the antenna can be erected inconspicuously.

The active antenna circuitry is cased in a weather and UV resistant black box. The voltage supply is delivered by the antenna cable and the included power supply module (bias tee). Stainless steel pole mount bracket is available optional as well.

Because of its interchangeable radiating elements (Whips) the Boni-Whip can be used with different elements for experiments. The antenna can thus be adjusted to the surrounding environment or a special reception area. This is very helpful if you attend to a Field day or a DX-Camp with loads of HF in the air.

Frequency range: 20 kHz -300 MHz
Voltage supply: 12V-15V
Gain: 3dB
Upper Frequency Limit: (-1db): 300 MHz
IP3: +32.5 dBm
IP2: +55 dBm

I have performed extensive outdoor tests on the Boni-Whip at various locations in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, England and USA; and even I am amazed that we have produced an antenna with such small size, mobility and excellent performance/price ratio. You will get a noticeably better antenna, professionally manufactured and produced for a very good price.

What's in the Box:
- Boni-Whip active Antenna
- Junction box
- Whip / Radiator

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