Mar 28, 2016

USAF HFGCS Station List

Andersen Air Base             Guam (ALE: GUA)
Andrews Air Force Base        MD (ALE: ADW)
Ascension Island AF           S Atlantic (ALE: HAW)
Croughton AB                  UK (ALE: CRO)
Diego Garcia NS               Indian Ocean (ALE: JDG)
Elmendorf AFB                 AK (ALE: AED)
Falklands?                    S. Atlantic Ocean (ALE: MPA)
Hickam AFB                    HI (ALE: HIK)
Keflavik NAS                  Iceland (ALE: IKF)
Lajes AB                      Azores (ALE: PLA)
McClellan AF                  CA (ALE: MCC)
Offutt AFB                    NE (ALE: OFF)
Salinas                       PR (ALE: JNR; Voice: "Puerto Rico")
Sigonella NAS                 Sicily (ALE: ICZ)
Yokota AB                     Japan (ALE: JTY)

4724.0 6739.0 8992.0 11175.0 13200.0 15016.0

8992 and 11175 are 24-hour. Lower ones are used for traffic at
night, higher ones in the day time. EAM can be simulcast on any
of these. 

HFGCS Lexicon:

A---            US Army callsign, usually a troop boat or terminal
AR              Aerial Refueling, usually with a track number
AUTODIN         Automated Digital Network
Block time      Final arrival time, when plane is in the blocks
Class A, B      Refers to explosive on board
CNCS            Centralized Network Control Station (Andrews)
DSN             Defense Switched Network, old "Autovon"
DV              Distinguished Visitor
FL              Flight level (altitude when higher up)
Hazmat          Hazardous cargo
IFE             Inflight emergency, as declared by pilot
IR              Instrument Route; aerial training routes
M&W             Morale and Welfare (patch)
MAINSAIL        General call: Any ground station this net
METRO           Base weather office
NIPRNET         Non-Secret Internet Protocol Routing Network
Offload         Fuel, in pounds
Pallets         Cargo
Pax             Passengers
PIREP           Pilot Report; weather observation with standard items
REACH           Standing callsign: any AMC flight.  Followed by
                tail or mission number, or a special code.
RON             Remain Over Night (crew needs place to sleep)
RTB             Return To Base, mission aborted
SAM             Special Air Mission (VIP)
SCOPE           System Capable Of Planned Expansion
SIPRNET         Secure Internet Protocol Routing Network
SKYBIRD         Group callsign: all STRATCOM assets on net
SKYKING         Group callsign: all SIOP assets on net
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