Oct 17, 2013

QSL Card From TG9AHM

Here's a QSL card of my first contact using the digital mode called Olivia.

Olivia mode can be set to various formats that are labeled using the particular format’s bandwidth and number of tones. Bandwidths of 125, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz are typical. The number of tones can be set anywhere from 4 to 256 depending upon the propagation conditions. Different combinations of tones and bandwidths provide for slower or faster transmission rates. Commonly used formats are 125/4 (125 Hz bandwidth using 4 tones), 250/8, 500/16, 500/8, 500/16, 1000/32. The 500/8 format seems most popular at this moment, though I have had several QSOs on the 125/4 and 250/8. The 1000/32 format seems to be popular on 20 meters.

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