Mar 8, 2013

How to make a shortwave Antenna Splitter

Here is a lost-cost solution to a common problem for shortwave listeners and ham radio operators. How to share one antenna amongst several radios (for listening only). You can find HF splitters online, but they are not cheap. Let me show you how to save a few dollars.

Note: Do not attempt to transit through this setup. This is not intended for transmitting. Also, make sure you connect every tap to a 50-75 ohm load (ie: a receiver). Leaving unused taps will cause a mis-match and defeat the purpose.

I've seen other SWLs make their own splitters like Scottish Dxer Mark Borthwick, but without exact specs for the components, many of us are at a loss. Try this solution yourself, I assure you, there's nothing inside these splitters that says for TV-only. Just look for ones with frequency specs so you know you're covered.
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