Jan 22, 2012


It's a long way from here to the Falkland Islands (10759 kms.), and I just made contact with Zorra, VP8DNT on 20 meters sideband with my Icom IC-7000. Woot!

Apparently, this is JH1AJT, who will be active from the Falkland Islands 21-28 January 2012 as VP8DNT.

He will be active on 80-10. There really weren't that many people calling him, it came in bursts, but when I found an opening, I sent my call and was instantly replied to. I'm always amazed at how far 100 watts will go from my Par End-Fedz 20M, which I have mounted vertically in a tree.

We exchanged true 59s on my Icom IC-7000, then I captured this short video on my WinRadio G31DDC. If you watch the top left panel, you can see his (weak) transmission rise up from where the gray bar is on the baseline. He is listening up 5 kHz though, and many operators don't know this.

Here is a photo of the Falklands from VP8DNT's QRZ page-

Finally, here is the VOACAP circuit reliability for this path. Really not good at all for a contact on 14 MHz at 23:30 UTC

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