Jun 17, 2011


Just had a QSO with John Boudreau, XK1T in Inuvik, Yukon Territory. John is currently on a DX expedition to Tent Island, Yukon in IOTA NA-193, a new one for CISA from June 16th through June 19th. I managed this running only 100 watts into a dipole up 25 feet.

I think I've worked John before as VX8X as I documented here. It was great to talk to you again John! I got your VX8X QSL card, and it's one of my all-time favorites.

Tent Island, Yukon Territory, Canada
IOTA NA-193, CISA (new one, likely will be YT010)
June 15-20, 2011 by VE8EV, VE8GER
Updates/info at
QSL via VE8EV. Please read QSL policy at VE8EV page.
Many thanks to IREF for their continued support of expeditions to rare IOTA locations.

More info: 

This map shows the probability of me reaching this location to be quite low actually:

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