Jun 3, 2011

Radio-Mart Recommendation

I thought I'd post here today about a ham radio outlet in the US called Radio-Mart.  According to their site, Radio-Mart is essentially a retailer of Ham Radio equipment, mostly pre owned but all fully tested and in tip top condition.

I had never heard of them before, but when I recently decided that I must have a JRC NRD-545 receiver, none were to be found anywhere for sale online. Some Googling helped me find this radio at Radio-Mart. The site is well constructed with all the usual e-commerce features.  I noticed that they recently were given the BBB seal of approval.

I had some questions about this radio as they haven't been made for a few years and I wanted assurances as to its condition.  So I emailed.  That's when I heard back from Martyn (K4TEC). I have to say, Martyn was very responsive to my emails, usually within minutes.  I needed to make special shipping arrangements due to a postal strike up here in Canada, and Martyn was very helpful in arranging a UPS shipment at no extra cost to me. Nice.

When I find a retail vendor that gets what customer service is, I am quick to champion them. I suggest you take a look at Radio-Mart.  They have some very classy gear there for sale.

From the About page:
"We recognized many years ago that a sales outlet of quality radio equipment didn't exist, sure there were some small dealers messing around and there still are but there was not a company offering the best, the keeper equipment, fully tested and sold as such.

... take the time to make certain that every customer is taken good care of and first class customer service is now a key part of our core business. Having already a repeat customer base of over 60% shows were doing something right."

The radio arrived today and I could see that this box was well taped up.Upon opening the box I realized the radio was in a smaller box, protected by many styrofoam peanuts. Good. I like to see double-boxed items for the protection it gives.

I got the radio unpacked from the second box and took a look at it.  No damage.  No scratches or dents - nice! Once plugged in, the radio worked perfectly. I'm going to be spending many hours listening to this shortwave radio, I can tell.

Thanks Radio-Mart, a good deal all around.
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