Jun 15, 2011


Finally, some decent condition this evening. The HF bands have been less than optimal for the past 2 weeks with disturbed geomagnetic conditions.

Managed to capture a video of my contact with Gianni, IN3BJS in Italy on the 20 meter band.

Some info about Gianni- 56 years old.
QTH: Volano (TN), 150 km from Austria border, 100 km from Venezia, province of Trento in Italy.
His equipment is: TRX: Kenwood TS 870 S - TS 850 S - TS 711 - TL 922 Ant.:Eco Delta loop2 el. - Dipole B&W BWD90- Butternut HF2V- Delta loop 40-80 mt. full size.

The trip is about 4,500 miles
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