Apr 14, 2010

VE3CNU QSL cards

I just received my new QSL cards in the mail today and boy are they nice!! I ordered them from and they arrived about 4 weeks later.

qsl cardI came up with the design myself, well, let me re-phrase that, I grabbed a screenshot from Google Earth and added some text, but I think it's a rather unique design don't you?

I think having a nice QSL design is important. A lot of hams send out QSLs from those ultra-cheapo QSL printers and most of them end up in the garbage. I want somebody to appreciate my card and perhaps display it in their shack. I have a few choice cards up in my shack and they are all interesting to look at.

Thanks to the good folks at QSLWorks. The order went very smoothly and they didn't even charge me extra shipping fees for mailing to my location up here in Canada.

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