Apr 17, 2009


Thank God it's Friday as they say, the work week is over, and homeward I head.

A quick check of 20m is in order every day, even with zero sunspots. 20 meters is all I can run right now remember so I fire up the HF rig.

Not bad, it's alive today! SF 70 A4 K1 conditions.

HF band conditions

But I worked a few good ones today, with Cyprus, France,Spain,Costa Rica and finally Guantanamo Bay.

DX contacts from logbook

I can't complain at all about this. I'm having a blast even if this is the worst it gets.  I can't wait until some sunspots appear!

And I already got an eQSL from the France station F8CHM.  Thanks Jean! Your signal had very good audio, almost broadcast quality. What a terrific looking station.  Is that an Icom 7800? I am using a 756 Pro here, 100 watts into a doublet wire antenna, up about 8 metres!


On another note I have designed a new QSL card that I'm going to get printed.  Here's a preview-


Hope to see you on the bands!

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