Nov 19, 2014


Check this out!

Did I have a contact with an air mobile station across the ocean? On PSK-63?
QRZ info:
Contest call of YU1BFG R.K. Pozarevac
Veljka Dugosevica 14
Pozarevac 12000

Distance 4664.3 mi (7506.5 km)


Nov 15, 2014

NP4RA QSL for ham radio contact

Here is a PSK contact with NP4RA with Luis at the helm.

Nov 11, 2014

Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald Special Event Station

I got a nice letter in my email inbox this morning from W0JH, who was operating a special event station to commemorate the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior.

TNX for being part of our recent WØJH “Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald” Special Event from Split Rock Lighthouse!

Attached is the QSL certificate you requested for the October 31, Nov 1 & 2, 2014 event.

The event, organized and operated by the Stillwater Amateur Radio Association (SARA), was co-sponsored by Radio City, Inc. and the Courage Kenny Handiham Program. Our 20 hours of on-air operation netted us about 650 contacts. From those, we received 260 QSL certificate requests within one week of the event.

Most of the requests received include accurate and necessary QSO contact details (e.g., date, time, frequency, etc.). We've seen a few requests where contact times and other info did not match our logs. Since our loggers/operators rarely make mistakes and our logging computers are always correct, our data will be official!  hi hi :-)

TNX again for your contact with WØJH Special Event Station!


Dave (WØOXB)
Activities & Events Chair
Stillwater Amateur Radio Association (SARA)

Shel (NØDRX)
Trustee for WØJH
Stillwater Amateur Radio Association (SARA)

Nov 9, 2014


Ham radio station AD4ZU:

Cuban Espionage message intercepted

Nov 8, 2014

New Country and a DXpedition too!

OC0I - it’s always exciting to work a new country, this time Peru. Doubly exciting is the fact it was a DXpedition!

The Crystal Ship - Pirate Radio report

I recently wrote 'The Crystal Ship' for a QSL upon receiving their broadcast:

Hello TCS!
I hear you loud and clear tonight west of Toronto. 6950 kHz on or about 0000 UTC Monday Oct. 27

Registered S6 on my CR-1a receiver. Enjoyed the 60s psychedelic tunes.

Would love a QSL card !

And... got a reply with QSL today!


Thanks for the report, and thanks for listening.... eh?

An eQSL is attached.

John Poet
The Crystal Ship /TCS Shortwave Relay Network

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A look inside the Commradio CR-1a

See the inside components that make the CR-1a work.

Nov 1, 2014

What is Amateur radio?

Amateur radio, commonly called "ham radio", is a hobby enjoyed by many people throughout the world (as of 2004 about 3 million worldwide, 70,000 in Germany, 5,000 in Norway, 57,000 in Canada, and 700,000 in the USA). A holder of an Amateur Radio licence has studied and passed required tests in his or her country and been issued a call sign by its government. This call sign is unique to the operator and is often a source of pride. The holder of a call sign uses it on the air to legally identify all voice and data communications. Amateur Radio should not be confused with CB radio, General Mobile Radio Service or Family Radio Service which are limited to voice operation, allowed lower power limits, fewer frequency allocations, and are unlicensed in most countries.

Oct 30, 2014

A typical PSK 31 contact