Feb 25, 2014

New Laptop for the Shack

Well it had to happen eventually. The old HP laptop died a sudden death. The cat chewed the power supply cord, and when I finally got around to repairing it the laptop wouldn't start up anyway. It didn't owe me anything... it was 10 years old. The only pain in the butt is the fact that I just bought more memory for it.  DDR2 memory.  Grrrrr.

Well, today I'm getting my replacement. A refurbished Dell from
Owning a Flex 3000 SDR requires that I have a computer with a Firewire port.  They have stopped putting those on newer laptops, at least at the consumer level of machine, so I needed to source a slightly older machine. I present to you my new Dell E6410 laptop computer.

Feb 23, 2014

DXpedition contact with OC0I

Just finished a contact with OC0I, a DXpedition in the Pacific Ocean. We made contact on 28.433 MHz on USB with 5/9 reports both directions. Here are the details from

A joint DXpedition , composed of members of the Radio Club Peruano and the Radio Club of Bahia Blanca DX Group Argentina , will air on San Lorenzo Island , located in the Pacific Ocean (12 ° 4.0 ' S - 77 ° 14.0 ' W ) .It will be between Thursday 20 and Monday 24 February with the special prefix OC0I , operation that also form part of the sixth edition of " WEEKEND OF HEADLIGHTS SUDAMERICANOS " , with activation for the first time from Faro Gran Almirante Grau ARLHS PER -006 , installed in said island .The team will be composed OA4AI Pablo Vázquez , César Brousek OA4CLU , Tony Vieira OA4DX , OA4YX David Torres , Carlos Almirón LU7DSY , Charles Soulier LU4ETN , Daniel Lucca LU1HLH , Gustavo and Eduardo Taboada LU7HW LU7HEO Maleh .They have the support of the Peruvian Navy , who will transport the team and its cargo in one of their ships from the port of Callao. In addition it will provide access to its facilities at the Naval Base San Lorenzo Island .They will be active with three stations simultaneously 24 hours , 80 to 6 meters using CW , SSB and PSK31.

Feb 16, 2014

My first documented Pirate

I have over time picked up suspected pirate radio stations but have never paid much attention to them before. Here is Undercover Radio, coming from the middle of nowhere as they put it.

Having an SDR radio and screen capture software makes it easy to document reception of station like this.

I dropped an email to the station producer while the show was still airing and he replied right back!

Feb 8, 2014

Here's a tip for FTdx1200 FTdx3000 owners

Turn your contour control into an voice booster with this simple adjustment of your Yaesu radio.

This applies to FTdx1200 and FTdx3000 series HF radios.

Wow–got Japan!

I made contact last night with Japan on 15 meters using BPSK-31. That is the furthest I have ever gone using digital, being over 10,000 kms from my location near Toronto.
I wasn’t even able to chart the whole trip on Google Earth as shown here. My signal has to go way north over Alaska, then come down through Russia, finally to Japan. It’s actually a straight line.


Station: JA1FVS VE3CNU
Op: Kazuo Moriya Rick
QTH: Kashiwa-City Burlington
State: Ont
Country: Japan Canada
Band: 15m Freq: 21.07 MHz Mode: PSK31 15m Freq: 21.07 MHz Mode: PSK31
Power: 0 W RST Rcvd: 477 100 W RST Sent: 489
Coords: Lat: 35.604167 N   Lon: 136.708333 E Lat: 44.437500 N   Lon: -79.958333 W
Grid: PM85io Dist: 6455 mi, 10389 km Brg-> fn04ak Dist: 6455 mi, 10389 km <-brg: span=""> 180°
Continent: AS - Asia CQ Zone: 25 NA - North America CQ Zone: 5
ITU Zone: 45 IOTA Designator: 2 IOTA Designator:

Many thanks to JA1FVS for the contact.



Jan 23, 2014

Mapping all of your contacts

I recently stumbled upon a website that lets you type in your grid square locator, then upload your adif version of your ham log, and it produces a world map of all of your contacts. It's the electronic version of sticking pins on a world map or globe.

Here is what my QSO map looks like currently. You can see I'm still missing a large section of Africa and Asia. Click the map to see a larger version.

Here is the link to the service:

60 meter band approved for Canadian amateur radio use

New just out on new 60 meter band frequency allocations for Canadian Hams.

"Transmissions, independent of emission mode, must be centered on the each of the following frequencies: 5.332, 5.348, 5.3585, 5.373, and 5.405 MHz with a maximum allowable channel bandwidth of 2.8 kHz. When operating SSB, upper sideband will be the convention to follow on the 60 metre band. Other modes that are permissible will be CW, Data (including PSK 31 and Pactor III), and RTTY"
Continue reading...

Jan 19, 2014

Yaesu FTdx1200 - Latest addition to the Shack!

So, after selling off a few items here I was able to purchase a Yaesu FTdx1200. Sometimes you just get tired of a product line. I have used Icom HF rigs since I got my license in 1992 and new them up and down. After watching videos of the FTdx1200 elsewhere and reading many reviews, I decided I needed to own one. I purchased it new from Radioworld.

It's always exciting turning on a new radio the first time.

Jan 16, 2014

Sold - WiNRADiO G31DDC

I sold my Excalibur G31DDC this evening. Here is a last photo before it gets packed and shipped off to its new owner.

I'm hoping to find a Perseus SDR to replace it. Know anyone selling theirs?

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